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Nice suprise

So I’ve been offline for about two weeks, and I come back to a fantastic surprise! Most of the opening scripts have been translated, as well as a bunch of Blood scripts (thanks yuvinia ). So that means we’re nearly done with the opening (7 scripts to go and 5 of them have translators) so those should be done soon.

A HUGE thanks to yuvinia, parrotlet99, Syrie, eiko and Chiisai-hime for pitching in.

At this rate, I think some beta testers (maybe three or four) would be nice then to run through the opening. I’ll post up more details about that later, that’ll have to wait until the opening’s completely translated. The patch for the opening will be released publicly once the beta testers get back to me.  So that’s something to keep an eye out for.  By the way, if you’ve helped translate and you want a patch, just send me an email ( and I’ll send you a copy when it’s made.


Quick Update

Well, nothing really earth shattering to say here but just a quick post to say that we’re still working on this project and we’ve got a few scripts translated, as well as the help of some awesome translators.

Syrie, eiko, parrotlet99, Chiisai-hime, thanks for your help!

Also, if you want to take a look at our progress here’s a table

If you’re someone who knows Japanese, please consider helping us out. Scripts are public access.


So, we’ve made some progress, and here are some lovely screenshots for you all. More help would be greatly appreciated, if you know some Japanese, then please help with translating a few scripts. (Some of them are quite short)

And yes, I did spell Alice’s name wrong T_T

Alright, so this is the official start of the translation of the otome game Joker no Kuni no Alice by Quin Rose. We’re in the early early stages of this, so there isn’t much to post up, but thought I’d just give a shout out. Scripts have been extracted and decrypted thanks to the wonderful d_fallen_god. More to come 🙂