This project needs a lot of work, and it’d really be appreciated if you could pitch in.

Scripts are HERE

Note: Apparently scripts aren’t showing for some people. We’re working on the problem, and if it doesn’t work we’ll have to upload somewhere else. Please be patient 🙂

Translators would be very much welcome. You don’t need to stay committed to the group, just drop by and translate a script. Every small thing counts. The only requirement is that your English is understandable (It doesn’t have to be perfect, we have translation checkers) and that if you start a script, then you finish it. You don’t even need to contact us, just plunk your name down and start translating. 🙂 Once you’re done, you can start another one or just disappear 🙂 Don’t worry, we’ll give you proper credit on the ‘About’ page.

I’m making the scripts public because I’m trusting you guys not to spread them around or tamper with them. Because they’re public, anyone can come and edit them, and I’m hoping that this will encourage more people to lend a hand. If you want to translate, then place your name down on the ‘master list’ next to the file you’re taking. If you see someone’s name there, then don’t take that script.

Translation Checkers/Editors: If you’d like to be a translation checker or an editor, shoot an email to If you’re a translation checker, be proficient at Japanese. If you’re an editor, then have really good English. You have to be able to reword phrases and translations so that they sound smooth in English, not just weed out grammar mistakes. It’s an important job, and experience would be appreciated. Go through the scripts and edit them, and when you’re done, highlight them RED in the ‘Master List’ file.

When choosing beta testers, preference will be given to people who have helped with the project.